A musical docudrama, inspired by the totally amazing and completely ridiculous album, inspired by the daredevil stunt to end all daredevil stunts. 

In 1976, Canadian stuntman Ken Carter declared his intention to jump a mile over the St. Lawrence Seaway in a rocket powered car. Evel Knievel called it "the daredevil stunt to end all daredevil stunts". In 2008, Canadian musician Mark Haney declared his intention to pay tribute to Ken Carter in the form of a concept album for solo double bass. The Vancouver Province called it “a daring record”, the Vancouver Sun called it “the most bizarre CD release of the year”, and the Georgia Straight called it “utterly amazing and completely ridiculous”. In 2012, Canadian filmmaker John Bolton declared his intention to make a movie about both men. (The reviews are not yet in.)

AIM FOR ROSES is a one-of-a-kind film, about a one-of-a-kind album, about a one-of-a-kind stunt - all three of which could only happen in Canada. An incredible true story of successes and failures, it will blur the lines between pathos & kitsch, and dignity & absurdity, through a barrage of original interviews, archival footage, dramatic recreations, animated sequences and musical numbers. Think: Errol Morris & Philip Glass meet Super Dave Osborne. It will show and tell two very different stories, about two very different men, at two very different crossroads in their lives, both of whom risked it all to make “the ultimate statement”.

AIM FOR THE ROSES is being produced in association with Super Channel, the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council and is currently in post-production.  For more about Ken, check this outFor more about Mark, check this out.

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