A seismic comedy about earthquake and real estate anxiety in Vancouver, Canada.

ANTHONY is a young man in Vancouver working for the city’s public relations department.  When he goes with his childhood friend / ex-girlfriend / best friend (in that order) JOSIE to check out a display suite at the designer waterfront neighbourhood of Cascadia Properties, he has an apocalyptic anxiety attack culminating in a vision of post-earthquake Vancouver in flames.  He shares his vision with JONAS, a charismatic homeless man who just happens to be a “prophet” for the Church of E Day (Earthquake Day) Adventists, a group of homeless men and women preparing for the megathrust earthquake that’s going to hit Vancouver any day or week or month or year.  While spending time on the streets, Anthony bonds with ADRIENNE, a “natural disaster adrenaline junkie” who can’t wait for The Big One to hit. Finally, Anthony attracts the attention of JONAS, the reclusive owner of Cascadia Properties and the sole resident of The 9.0 Building – the most earthquake-proof building in the world.  As Anthony journeys deeper into the hearts of these subcultures of “long-term earthquake preparedness”, he uncovers a fantastic conspiracy against the very city itself, all the while facing increasing pressure from Jeremiah, Adrienne and Jonas, all of whom want – need – Anthony to tell them exactly when ... E DAY IS COMING.

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