A hallucinatory black comedy / psychological horror film about three emotionally frozen souls who thaw out in unexpected ways when they discover an ancient body perfectly preserved in the glacier on the edge of their small northern town. Think: the violence of FARGO meets the pathos of THE SWEET HEREAFTER, but starring BOB & DOUG MCKENZIE and directed by DAVID CRONENBERG. Based on the play by Greg MacArthur.

For the past few years, the gregarious DENVER and the guarded MARJORIE (30s) have been lamming it in a small northern town at the edge of a glacier, eking out an existence renting out the DVDs and video games that they stole from the store that they used to work at. Even as they’ve grown apart, they’ve befriended the melancholy, unhinged JUDE (19), a gay teenager who was abandoned by his parents, and the three of them have formed a family of sorts, albeit one in which Denver lusts after the unavailable Marjorie, and Marjorie lusts after the unavailable Jude, and Jude lusts after the unavailable Denver. The three of them pass their days and nights at Denver’s & Marjorie’s house, watching DVDs, and playing video games, and doing cocaine that they’ve bought from the local DEALERS (16, sociopathic) and almost having orgies.  This precarious balance is upset when Jude discovers an ancient body perfectlypreserved in the glacier – SNOWMAN. Jude immediately sees Snowman as an attractive young man his age, and he falls in love with him, and he starts to fantasize that he’s alive. Denver, recognizing the significance of the find, notifies the government heritage department, and they send out an archaeologist, KIM (20s, somehow both repressed and uninhibited at the same time) to investigate. Kim rendezvouses with Denver at the house, and there’s immediately sexual tension between them, but before they can act on it, Marjorie arrives with Jude, whom she’s found frozen on the glacier in a shack he’s built around Snowman to protect him from the elements. Denver & Marjorie & Kim manage to thaw out Jude in the bathtub and get him into bed. As Jude comes back to life, he eavesdrops on Denver & Marjorie & Kim trying to decide what to do about Snowman, and he becomes obsessed with protecting him. Things soon spiral out of control: Denver has sex with Kim in Snowman’s shack, Marjorie has sex with the Dealers and Jude overdoses on PCP laced cocaine, hallucinating that Snowman has risen from the ice to do his bidding and wreak havoc, climaxing in a surreal and bloody showdown on the glacier that leaves everyone emotionally and physically disfigured forever …